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Trauma Specialists in Texas:
Total Healing After Trauma

Offering In Person and Online Therapy for Austin, TX and all of Texas 

Trauma Therapy for those who have experienced Complex Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse, and are looking to heal and have Healthy Relationships with themselves and others

It feels like your life has been one trauma after the next. You feel like no matter what you do, you can't seem to get away from toxic and narcissistic relationships, friendships or experiencing yet another trauma. You are ready to understand the 'why' of it all and finally heal.

You are a survivor of narcissistic abuse. You are struggling to cope with the trauma caused by the narcissistic relationship. Friends and family don't understand and you feel alone. You are ready to heal and make sure you never find yourself in another narcissistic relationship again.

You have experienced loss of a loved one or someone close to you. You are unsure how to move forward in life, how to live without this person and who you are now outside of this trauma and your grief. 

You are ready to move forward in life, move past the trauma and create a new identity. You are ready for post-traumatic-growth.

Maybe You...

  • Find yourself reactive to certain people, places and things that is causing negative consequences for you

  • You don't know who to trust and can't seem to believe your intuition anymore

  • You can't stop the negative thoughts that blame you for everything

  • Aren't sure how to change your patterns of behavior that you know end up hurting you

Did you know that complex/long term trauma can change the wiring of the brain? Did you know that unhealed/unprocessed trauma affects daily life and functioning? Have you noticed numbness to emotions or your body often feels keyed-up or on guard? Have you noticed a tendency to avoid, difficulty setting boundaries, inability to manage emotions, or find yourself in continued toxic situations or relationships?


Trauma alters the nervous system which results in the body believing it is always in a state of fight or flight. This results in you struggling to regulate your emotions and emotional reactions/responses to certain stimuli. Trauma is often the root of continued unhealthy patterns in life.


Are you ready to heal from your trauma and create healthy relationships? Are you ready to stop welcoming narcissistic type people into your life? Schedule a free consultation to get started on your healing.


Specializing in working with individuals who have:

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