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Healthy Relationship Building

At the core of complex trauma is the difficulty identifying what is and isn't healthy. This extends to your relationships. Often complex trauma survivors find it difficult to discern who is good for them and who has healthy expectations and interests of them. This results in dysfunctional relationships that result in further trauma.

Complex trauma survivors tend to repeat old patterns. Often these patterns are rooted in a traumatic or dysfunctional childhood or adulthood. The patterns are mirrored from the toxic, abusive and dysfunctional relationships we had growing up. 

Our nervous system seeks 'safety' and safety is often found in the 'known' and consistency of life. Therefore, we repeat old patterns of welcoming harmful relationships into our lives.

Therapists at Onyx will help you learn to identify 'red flags' and individuals who do not have your best interest. The goal is for you to be able to trust your gut and intuition on who to welcome into your life. 

We offer individual and group therapy, as well as, an intensive workshop that can help heal old patterns and create new ones that are healthy; allowing you to finally find those healthy relationships. 

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