What is trauma?

Trauma is not always the 'big things' that happen in life or even the 'small things'. Trauma is an event or events that are experienced as unwelcomed emotional intensity. Understanding trauma as a personal eperience and reaction, and not what others determine as traumatic is the first step in healing.

You have experienced a trauma and now feel out of control of your emotions and reactions. You freeze up or want to fight every percieved wrongdoing or maybe you run from anything uncomfortable. You feel like your mind and body are pulsating and on hyperdrive. Or you feel so disconnected and slowed down. No matter what you do you can't shake free from the memories or the way they make you feel. You wish there was a better way. 

I specialize in working with trauma and complex trauma. I can help you understand your experiences and begin the healing process. Some trauma reactions can be flashbacks, increased emotional reactiveness, avoidance of triggering events, places or people, and depression and anxiety. 


I use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to identify root cause/causes of trauma, and reprocess to allow you to regain control and power over your life.

EMDR is a therapy modality that targets trauma memories and works to desensitize those memories to reduce emotional intensity. By using bilateral stimulation (fast moving eye movements), EMDR activates both sides of the brain to allow for healing and reprocessing of the traumatic event(s). This is a proven and evidence based treatment that has shown to reduce sessions to achieve goals. 

CBT is a therapy modality that uses the idea that thoughts create and depict our reality. Thoughts stem from perceptions which are reflections of core beliefs. Core beliefs can form in childhood and after traumatic events. Challenging thoughts can result in changing emotional responses and later shifting negative core beliefs to positive. This is a proven and evidence based treatment that has shown effectiveness in treating trauma. 

Jungian Shadow Work is used by identifying the 'shadow' parts of self, understanding any beliefs of inferiority or lack of worth, and working towards healing that part of self and creating a new narrative. This work is accomplished through use of compassion of self, removing shame that created limiting beliefs. This is a proven and evidenced based treatment that has shown effectiveness in treating trauma.