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How Did I Get Here? :
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Workshop


Have you left or currently leaving a narcissistic abuse relationship? Did you grow up with a narcissistic type parent?


Do you wonder why you keep finding yourself in the same toxic relationships? Are you a magnet for narcissistic type people? Are you wanting to process through the trauma and learn how to not repeat old patterns?

Sometimes we want the 'therapy' without the time commitment. This workshop is designed to be an intensive process of understanding narcissism, yourself and begin healing from the trauma. 4 hours of your time that is equivalent to months in a therapy room. Not bad, right?

This workshop is designed to work with individuals who want to make the big changes in life- get to the root cause of their vulnerability to narcissistic relationships and heal to create a different future.

This workshop will help you learn internal wounds that leave you vulnerable to narcissistic relationships, why you are a magnet to narcissists, how to 'spot a narcissist', set boundaries and leave these relationships safely, and heal your wounds so you no longer attract narcissistic type individuals into your life. 

Click the link below to get started! I can't wait to join you on your healing journey!

What To Expect:

This workshop is 4 hours with a 30 minute break in the middle.

You can expect an explanation of narcissism and how this personality type is a magnet to certain individuals. You will learn how your own trauma has left you vulnerable to narcissistic relationships. As well as, how to spot narcissistic abuse and leave safely. Lastly, you will learn how to begin healing from this type of abuse and how to prevent yourself from repeating old patterns and winding up in another narcissistic relationship. 

Included in the price are: refreshments, lunch and a journal to work on during the workshop.

Learn More About The Facilitator 

Schedule A Free Consultation:

A quick 15 minute phone consultation is scheduled to ensure fit for the workshop.

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