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Narcissistic Parent Recovery

Narcissistic parents cause a great deal of harm raising their children. Often these individuals lack empathy to the experience of their children and this results in maladaptive coping mechanisms and views of the world in their children. These parents take on different roles: emotionally dismissive, mardyr, friend, conditional love, emotional parentification, etc. 

  • The emotionally dismissive parent will not believe, down play, gaslight or outright deny your emotional experience. 

  • The mardyr will complain about things in their life, but make no effort to change and use others empathy as a form of manipulation.

  • The friend will act like you, lack ability to create boundaries and leave you without stability and support when you need it most.

  • The conditional love parent will only love and support you when you are behaving the way they taught you or believe is right.

  • The emotional parentification parent will use you as their confidant, counselor and emotional caretaker.

Healing from narcissistic parents is vital to be able to have healthy relationships in your future. We repeat our patterns and what we know, even if those patterns are toxic to us. Narcissistic Parent Recovery is focused on healing from the abuse from narcissistic parents; reprogramming the way you talk, behave, relate and feel about yourself and the world around you. 

The therapists at Onyx will work with you on identifying what is the language programmed by your parents (negative self talk) and how it has negatively impacted your life. The goal is for you to heal your inner child and move forward in life to welcome healthy relationships. 

We offer individual and group therapy, as well as, an intensive workshop focused on healing narcissistic relationships so you no longer welcome these individuals in your life; or learn how to maintain certain relationships while keeping you healthy. 

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