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Complex trauma is characterized by multiple traumatic events that have happened in a persons life. This type of trauma differs from single incident trauma, in that it affects a persons nervous system, relationship to themselves and others, and ability to regulate emotions.

Have you noticed you find yourself in traumatic experience after traumatic experience? Like you can't seem to catch a break?


Complex trauma survivors have a higher likelihood of experiencing multiple traumatic events due to an association with trauma as 'safe'. This 'safeness' is your hijacked nervous system misunderstanding trauma for normal day to day interactions. And often you welcome certain people and events into your life that will later be traumatizing due to this being what you know; what is known is considered 'safe'.

The therapists at Onyx will work with you on identifying what is safe and unsafe to retrain your nervous system. This will allow you to trust your gut and intuition regarding people and things. The goal is for you to no longer welcome these events into your life and break free from the complex trauma cycle.

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