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Courtney Loyola, MA, LPC

Individual Therapist specializing in Complex Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and Dissociation.


Courtney is the owner of Onyx Counseling and Wellness Center, and a trauma therapist specializing in narcissistic abuse recovery, dissociation, and complex trauma. She uses a multi dimensional approach to therapy, allowing for total healing and wellness. These approaches are: EMDR, CBT, Shadow Work and Somatic Experiencing. Courtney offers individual therapy.


"I believe that all humans are interconnected beings, constantly being influenced by the past, present, and desire for the future. Current thoughts, emotions and behaviors are influenced by past events (good and bad), and people operate according to deeply ingrained patterns.  


As a therapist, my goal is for you is to identify your patterns and make changes to better serve your present reality. I believe in empowering you to love yourself enough to fight for a better future. I will work with you to heal the past and overcome internal conflict and negative patterns. Through CBT, you will learn how to recognize unhealthy thought patterns, challenge them and create a new healthy mindset. EMDR will allow you to process and clear traumatic and distressing memories to break free of dysfunctional patterns. Shadow work will access 'dark' or child parts of self; identifying old wounds and beginning to heal the self. Somatic work will allow for you to become connected to your physical body and emotions, and heal any trauma stored deep within the body"

$160 per 50 minute session


**Currently accepting in person and virtual clients**

Complex Trauma and Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

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