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Gabrielle Coolidge, MA, LPC-A
Supervised by Rebecca Calhoun, MA, LPC

Individual Therapist specializing in Complex Trauma, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, Post Traumatic Growth, Relationship Trauma and Identity Development

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Gabrielle is a trauma informed, attachment based, relational cultural therapist specializing in narcissistic abuse recovery, identity construction, post traumatic growth and developmental trauma. She utilizes a holistic approach to therapy that strives for deeper self-awareness and a greater integration of mind, body, and spirit.  In service of these ends she utilizes somatic awareness, mindfulness, IPNB, and DBT.


As a therapist it is my deep belief that human beings grow through relationships across the lifespan and at its core, human suffering is the inevitable outcome of chronic disconnection and isolation.  My approach to therapy places our relationship at the center of the process, as this relationship can become a pathway to healing.  I enter the room and the relationship with empathy, radical respect, deep attention, and an appreciation for the client’s pain and the ways that they have adapted to survive. I also enter with a commitment to authenticity and mutuality. 


Through the alchemy of the therapeutic process we will dance backwards and forwards through time discovering the ways that the past is present in habits, patterns, and defenses.  With awareness comes release and the spaciousness for aspects of self to take root. 

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