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Meet The Team


Courtney Loyola, MA, LPC

Courtney is the owner of Onyx Counseling and Wellness Center, and a trauma therapist specializing in narcissistic abuse recovery, dissociation, and complex trauma. She uses a multi dimensional approach to therapy, allowing for total healing and wellness. These approaches are: EMDR, CBT, Shadow Work and Somatic Experiencing. Courtney offers individual ther 

"I believe that all humans are interconnected beings, constantly being influenced by the past, present, and desire for the future. Current thoughts, emotions and behaviors are influenced by past events (good and bad), and people operate according to deeply ingrained patterns. 
As a therapist, my goal is for you is to identify your patterns and make changes to better serve your present reality. I believe in empowering you to love yourself enough to fight for a better future. I will work with you to reconcile the past, shake off those cobwebs and overcome internal conflict. Through CBT, you will learn how to recognize unhealthy thought patterns, challenge them and create a new healthy mindset. EMDR will allow you to process and clear traumatic and distressing memories to break free of dysfunctional patterns. Shadow work will access 'dark' or child parts of self; identifying old wounds and beginning to heal the self."

**Currently accepting in person and virtual clients**


Kristen McAdams, MA, LPC

Kristen is a trauma therapist who specializes in narcissistic parent recovery and post traumatic growth. She uses a humanistic, holistic, talk-based therapy to allow for total healing. Her approaches are: NLP, RRT, psychodynamic and solution focused. Kristen offers individual therapy. 

"Each person's unique qualities and experiences influence their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Those thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are then brought into the context of our social, professional, and relational worlds.  My goal is to empower clients to heal and grow by cultivating an identity outside of trauma. I can help you heal from the 'side effects' of trauma and change unhealthy patterns in your life.”

Kristen uses her background in integrative health, neuropsychology, and trauma to foster an atmosphere of safety and rapport that establishes the grounds for unpacking a multidimensional approach to your well-being.

**Currently accepting virtual clients**


Jordan Roman, MA, LPC-A 
Supervised by Brook Bonnema, LPC-S #74315

Jordan is a trauma therapist who specializes in trauma healing and building healthy relationships. Are you tired of being in toxic relationships or friendships? Are you frustrated with repeating the same patterns? Jordan works with clients to develop emotional awareness and regulation, and using those skills to seek out and build healthy relationships. She uses CBT, emotionally focused talk-based therapy to allow for total healing. Her approaches are: CBT, emotionally focused and solution focused. Jordan offers individual and couples therapy. 

"My approach combines traditional talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and emotionally focused therapy. This means I work with you to help identify and understand unhelpful patterns in your life and connect them to your emotions, empowering you to change how you respond. I approach this work with directness, humor, kindness and empathy."

Jordan uses her experience to foster a trusting environment, that allows for healing and acceptance. She believes in challenging her clients to grow by providing a grounding, supportive and inspiring space.

**Currently accepting in person and virtual clients**

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