A South Austin Wellness Clinic

Onyx Counseling and Wellness Center is located south central Austin, with access to highways 71, 35, 360 and MoPac. The goal is for clients to enter into a warm, inviting and relaxing atmosphere, and the space has been designed for just that. Soothing ocean sounds, comfortable furniture and soft lighting await you in our lobby and each therapy room. 

Onyx Counseling and Wellness Center is a different type of center, focusing on total wellness and healing from trauma. Each therapist is a trauma specialist, offering different approaches to healing. The approaches are: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Shadow Work, Emotionally Focused, Psychodynamic, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Solution Focused.

Our wellness clinic prides itself on getting to the 'root' cause of your issues and believes that healing from trauma comes from healing that part of yourself. Our therapists specialize in specific trauma to provide quality treatment to our clients. See our 'meet the team'

page to learn more about each therapist and their specializations. The specializations include: narcissistic abuse recovery, dissociation, complex trauma, narcissistic parent recovery, post traumatic growth, trauma, anxiety, depression, healthy relationship building, and breaking patterns. 

The history behind Onyx Counseling and Wellness Center 


Onyx Counseling and Wellness Center was founded by Courtney Loyola, MA, LPC to focus on total healing from trauma. Onyx Counseling and Wellness Center's mission is to approach trauma from a multi dimensional approach, allowing for healing of the mind, body and spirit. Often trauma therapy can lack in it's ability to treat the root causes of our patterns, relationships, etc. Onyx Counseling and Wellness Center prides itself on a holistic approach, leaving no stone unturned. Each client can leave therapy knowing they have all the tools they need to break the cycles of the past. This approach to therapy is holistic, collective and inclusive. 

Courtney Loyola, through working in multiple different therapeutic settings, discovered that trauma has a substantial impact on the development, wiring and chemical make up of the brain. She observed how this impacts the nervous system, core beliefs about self and the world, and behaviors. Often a persons behavior becomes the focus of therapy and narrows the focus too much to create lasting change. She realized that a more complex 'root' based perspective is needed to allow for total wellness. Total wellness is when a person no longer recreates experiences of their past and changes the patterns of their life. 

What to expect


It begins with the initial phone consultation, where the therapist will ask questions about current concerns and desires for therapy. The goal for this conversation is to learn more about what you need and determine if the therapist and you are a good fit. The conversation will consist of what therapy approach would be the best fit (CBT, EMDR, Shadow Work, Psychodynamic, RRT, NLP, Solution Focused), and initial goal setting. If it is determined to be a good fit , you and the therapist will schedule your initial session. Each session is 50 minutes in length. Face to face and teletherapy provided for individual therapy. Each therapist has their own specific availability in regards to scheduling.


Prior to the first session, the therapist will ask you to complete the initial paperwork. This ensures the first session can be devoted to goal development. Depending on the current concerns, the initial part of therapy- history taking- can last a few sessions. You are on your own timeline, and understanding what to target for therapy can take some time- this is OK! 


Developing treatment and goals are based on the therapy chosen. Each therapy has a specific way to target and achieve goals, therefore the processes look different. The therapist will help you understand each step and work alongside you to make sure you are receiving the correct therapy and are happy with the stated goals. 


The ultimate goal is for success and helping you find a healthy and authentic life! Your timeline will be yours alone, therefore there are no specific therapy timelines or lengths. You get to decide how short or long your journey will be.