Courtney Johnson, M.A., LPC
Courtney is the owner and founder of Onyx Counseling and Wellness Center. Courtney is a licensed professional counselor with over 8 years of experience in the field. Courtney believes that finding your path to wellness happens with both mind and body healing. Courtney will work with you on how past trauma has shaped your perspectives of yourself and the world around you, and how you can gain power back over your life. She works from a Cognitive Behavioral Approach, incorporating attachment and mindfulness. Courtney is also trained in EMDR to help clients reduce emotional intensity around memories, so they become only images in your mind. Courtney is a trauma survivor herself, and finds great joy and passion in helping others regain control back over their lives.
Courtney is currently supervising Jordan for her practicum program in graduate school. 
Jordan Roman, B.S.
Jordan is a pre-licensed graduate student at Adams State University working towards her Masters in Clinical mental Health Counseling. Jordan believes that life can feel like it is coming at you, and as your counselor, she will be there to walk the path with you as a fellow traveler, helping you discover the resilience and power you possess. She likes to incorporate mindfulness-based techniques, humor, and existential theory into sessions to help you navigate your journey. Jordan wanted to become a counselor because of the profound healing and self-discovery she experienced in her own work throughout therapy. Jordan is looking forward to helping you break patterns that no longer serve you anymore. 
Jordan is accepting clients on a no-cost basis as a pre licensed graduate student. Jordan is currently on a waiting list, and all inquires will be followed up on and scheduled based on availability.