Approach to therapy


I believe that all humans are interconnected beings, constantly being influenced by the past, present, and desire for the future. Current thoughts, emotions and behaviors are influenced by past events (good and bad), and people operate according to deeply ingrained patterns. 


As a therapist, my goal is for you is to identify your patterns and make changes to better serve your present reality. I believe in empowering you to love yourself enough to fight for a better future. I will work with you to reconcile the past, shake off those cobwebs and overcome internal conflict. Through CBT, you will learn how to recognize unhealthy thought patterns, challenge them and create a new healthy mindset. EMDR will allow you to process and clear traumatic and distressing memories to break free of dysfunctional patterns. Shadow work will access 'dark' or child parts of self; identifying old wounds and beginning to heal the self.

I am a therapist located in South Austin, providing individual face to face and teletherapy to Austin, TX and Texas as a whole. I strive to provide therapy to those in need regardless of location. 

About me

I am a trauma survivor myself, and have worked very hard to heal from my past negative experiences. I understand how difficult it is to break free from your past and make a future that is healthy and happy. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a therapist and the importance of helping others who have been through similar experiences. I practice what I preach! I use my training and personal experiences to help guide clients through therapy. Many of the specific strategies I teach are ones I've developed and used myself. I would never ask a client to do something I was unwilling to do myself. 



  • B.A in Psychology from The University of Missouri Columbia.

  • B.A in Sociology from The University of Missouri Columbia. 

  • M.A in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Specialization with a focus in Trauma and Crisis Intervention from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

  • Trained in EMDR

  • Certified in CBT, TF-CBT

  • 8 years in the field of counseling working in schools, group home, psychiatric hospital, community mental health, and addictions clinic. 

What to expect


It begins with the initial phone consultation, where I will ask questions about current concerns and desires for therapy. My goal for this conversation is to learn more about what you need and determine if I am a good fit. The conversation will consist of what therapy approach would be the best fit, and initial goal setting. If we determine I am a good fit to help you with your needs, we will schedule your initial session. Each session is typically 50 minutes in length, but can be longer or shorter based on need and request. Face to face and teletherapy provided for individual therapy.


Prior to the first session, I will ask you to complete the initial paperwork and get set up with my payment app, Ivy Pay. This ensures the first session can be devoted to goal development. Depending on the current concerns, the initial part of therapy- history taking- can last a few sessions. You are on your own timeline, and understanding what to target for therapy can take some time- this is OK! 


Developing treatment and goals are based on the therapy chosen, EMDR and/or CBT and shadow work. Each therapy has a specific way to target and achieve goals, therefore the processes look different. I will help you understand each step and work alongside you to make sure you are receiving the correct therapy and are happy with the stated goals. 


The ultimate goal is for success and helping you find healthy and authentic life! Your timeline will be yours alone, therefore I don't have specific therapy timelines or lengths. You get to decide how short or long your journey will be.